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Residential Lawn Care Service

Good lawn care is not complicated. All you need is a reliable company with excellent equipment and hard-working employees, exactly what you will find at We Only Cut Grass. Our company focuses on cutting, edging and trimming the grass, so our service doesn't suffer from trying to be everything to everyone. We have one job, and that is to make your lawn look good.

Area residents take pride in their lawns, but we know you live busy and often complicated lives. By using our lawn care services, you never have to worry about having a ragged-looking lawn. Simply schedule us to maintain your lawn once a week or so, choosing one of our affordable plans. Your lawn will be carefully tended without any effort on your part, and you only pay for services rendered. We never try to talk our clients into any service that they do not need or want.

We Only Cut Grass has a solid reputation in Texas, with hundreds of satisfied customers who use our services year after year. We are experts on lawn care and know how often your lawn should be mowed to achieve its ideal look. We gladly offer free lawn care advice to people not using our services as well. Our company takes pride in being a positive force in the communities that we serve.

We offer a free evaluation for potential clients, so simply contact us to schedule a visit and get our expert opinion on your lawn's needs. No matter what shape your yard is in, we have the tools and the personnel to make your property into a neighborhood asset and a source of pride for you. Quality lawn care can transform a property from a problem into a plus.

We are a fully insured commercial and residential lawn service that serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as the greater Houston area, including Kingwood, Pearland, Sugar Land, Katy and Spring. We Only Cut Grass takes care of the heart and soul of Texas.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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