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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a long term contract?

    NO we have no long term contracts. We are not your cell phone company with 2 year contracts. OUCH. What we have is a "Lawn Service Agreement" this agreement will outline what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. After all we can’t cut the grass in your back yard if "KUJO" the killer hound is not restrained. The agreement also states how often we are to maintain your yard and how much it will cost per cut.

  2. How do I cancel service?

    We are so sure that you will be satisfied that if we fail to perform the duties you hired us for, or you just want to cut the lawn yourself. You can cancel your agreement by email to [email protected]. All cancellations must be in writing NO EXCEPTIONS. Cancellations must be at least 3 days’ notice prior to next mow. No same day cancellations. If you would like to pause service, we need at least a 24 hour business day notice. Our crews are not responsible for keeping up with, or making any changes to your account plan.

  3. How often do you cut grass?

    It depends on the area of grass to be cut. On an average, we cut grass about once every 7 to 14 days. However this number is not fixed and may change as required. Moreover, the cutting of your grass depends on the weather too. If the grass is too wet, we will not be able to cut it and will have to wait till the ground dries.

  4. Is there a fixed or right time for grass cutting?

    Yes. It is not advised to do any grass cutting when the grass is wet as there is a possibility of diseases getting introduced to the surroundings and there is a chance of you slipping and getting injured while cutting grass. Though most people cut grass in the afternoons, it is better to cut grass in the evening as it puts less stress on the lawn than in the afternoon, under pounding sun.

  5. Is it possible to wait longer in between grass cuttings so that I spend less time on lawn care?

    Though you spend less time on lawn care by cutting longer grass, there is more to grass cutting than just maintaining the grass height. With the right grass cutting techniques, it is possible to stimulate your grass so that it is healthier and thicker than before. Grass cutting is a very important part of overall lawn care.

  6. Is there any right method of grass cutting?

    Yes; you have to keep alternating your grass cutting session to prevent the formation of ruts on grass. Once the lawn mover passes the same area in the same direction when you cut grass, it forms ruts over time.

  7. Should grass clippings be raked up or left on the lawn?

    It is generally better to leave grass clippings on your lawn where they fall as it is good for your lawn, your health and your pocket too. The nutrients of the cut grass reduce the need of chemical lawn fertilizers. It is only when the grass is too thick that the grass clippings may pose a problem to your lawn. This is why it\\\'s better to cut grass on a regular basis, before your grass grows thick.

    At the request of our clients, we offer bagging the clippings, and this service will include an extra charge to cover the time and disposal. 

  8. How long should grass be to cut it? How low should it be cut?

    The best height for cutting cool season grass during summer is about 2 1/2 inches. When you cut grass, only a third of the grass blade has to be cut.

  9. Do you need any electricity to cut grass?

    No, as we use grass cutting machines with petrol engines.

  10. Do I have to be around when you come?

    If it is our first visit to your site, it is better if you are around so that you can show us our job, if you have signed up for services in addition to basic mowing. However if we have seen your lawn, and have agreed on a grass cutting plan and price, we just start working when we reach your place. Our VAT invoice is then posted to you.       

  11. Will there be an additional charge for overgrown grass?

    Overgrown grass is very difficult to cut. Overgrown lawns will be charged additionally, in order to achieve an adequate maintenance  level. Your lawn is considered overgrown if it exceeds 6 inches in height, or if it is overtaking your driveway and/or sidewalk. 

    We rely on our clients to communicate to us whether their grass is overgrown. If we show up to a yard with tall grass, weeds, etc.., and we are unprepared with the proper equipment, we will have to re-schedule your service, as well as charge additionally, depending on the height of the grass.

    The additional overgrowth fee is usually twice the amount of your set plan package price, if the grass is higher than 6 inches, and up to 12 inches.

  12. When will I be charged for services?

    We cannot schedule specific dates for payments to be made.Your account will be charged one day prior to service. We do not accept cash payments, and checks are accepted on a case by case basis. We Only Cut Grass securely stores all of our client's credit card information in our database.

  13. Additional Requests

    If you have any requests for additional services, please make sure to address them via email, or over the phone with one of our representatives. Upon arrival, our crews will not be taking special requests that do not include the basic services agreed to, during the time of your registration. Our crews have schedules they need to abide by, and if they get sidetracked because of a last minute request the client made, it is the client's responsibility to pay for the extended time of labor, and/or additional services rendered.

  14. When will my service begin?

    Once you sign up for services online, or over the phone, we will do our best to schedule your initial service on the same week of you signing up, otherwise you will be scheduled sometime the following week. We Only Cut Grass does not provide exact dates for mowing services. We NEVER guarantee exact cut dates, but we do guarantee a consistent service, based on the plan that you have chosen.  

  15. How does the payment process work

    We Only Cut Grass will process your credit card prior to service. Once the payment has been made, service will be done within two business days (weather depending). Customers with declined cards will be removed from the route and bumped out to the next week. We Only Cut Grass will attempt to reach those customers to update credit card info but ultimately it will be the customers responsibility to keep all profile information current.

  16. What is included with the price of basic service

    Basic lawn service includes Mowing the lawn, edging the perimiter, weed eating and blowing off clippings. Flower beds, shrubs, mulch or any other services can be done at an extra charge per customer request.

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