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Why Mowing Grass Is Important

Lawn maintenance is an exceptionally important part of home ownership. There are many benefits that mowing grass can bring to a homeowner’s property. The obvious, immediate benefit is an aesthetic one – a well manicured lawn simply looks nicer than one that is ill-kept. Many homeowners find that a well taken care of lawn is a huge point of pride, as it can instantly transform the property and make it look new again. There are other, less obvious benefits to mowing grass on a regular basis. Here are just a few:


Each blade of grass that makes up a lawn grows by absorbing nutrients from the ground. When a lawn is mowed on a regular basis it ensures that each blade of grass is the same height, allowing for an equal distribution of resources. This helps keep each blade of grass consistent in color and height with the next, making for a smoother, more uniform appearance. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of yellow or dry patches popping up.

Dense, More Visible Grass

Mowing grass on a regular basis will ensure that the blades that remain are denser, and subsequently more visible. It also helps for a redistribution of grass seeds, which in turn will give the lawn more grass. Be careful not to cut the grass too short, or to allow it to grow too high. Shorter blades will weaken the grass’ roots, making it harder for the grass to produce more plants, and harder for the blade to absorb the nutrients it needs to grow tall.

A Healthier Lawn

Cutting the grass on a regular basis will allow for mulching to occur. Mulching occurs when the shorter blades of grass are cut and returned to the lawn, making the existing grass stay green longer. Regular mowings also help each blade of grass to recover faster from inclement weather and pests. This helps your lawn look lush, and well manicured, without the constant need for expensive lawn treatment products.

While there are numerous benefits to keeping your lawn well manicured and maintained, getting out there and mowing grass as often as one should is a chore that most people would prefer to avoid. Hiring a professional lawn care company to take care of this task for you will ensure that your lawn is always in beautiful condition, will drive up the value of your home, and will benefit everyone.

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