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The Basics of Summer Lawn Care

Summer is typically filled with sunshine and laughter; of long sought-out beach days and long, lazy nights by the fire pit. While in many areas of the country, summer only lasts three short months, it stands for some of the best months of the year – three months full of memories by the pool, at the beach, picnicking or celebrating in the company of good friends, neighbors and loved ones. In the midst of all the smiles and sunshine, summer is also a time where the weeds start poking through the ground, the grass starts growing at alarming rates and the sun starts to sear the lawn. Although summer lawn care can be a tedious project, it doesn’t have to be a frustrating one. For the best care of your lawn throughout the summer months, it is important to follow these simple steps.


One of the best ways to properly maintain your lawn throughout the hot summer months is to regularly mow. When it comes to lawn maintenance, mowing your lawn is essential. While it is critical to mow regularly to prevent the grass from growing out of control, it is recommended that you only mow at about two to three inches deep – cutting the grass any deeper than that could actually prevent the grass from locking in much needed moisture and stunt its growth. It is also important to keep your mower blades sharp so that they don’t tear or rip the grass from the root, but rather just clip off the top-most layer for a neat looking, trimmed appearance.


As the summer heat swelters and the temperature sky-rockets, it is easy for your lawn to dry out; void of much needed moisture. With little to no water, the grass will not grow, nor will any plants or trees that you sow. For the best summer lawn maintenance, it is critical to water your yard – but water it wisely. Your yard should be watered regularly and should be watered as early in the morning as possible to prevent fungal growth. If your yard has already experienced sweltering heat that has left it brown and dead, it is best to leave it until the fall when it can rejuvenate on its own.


Another important thing to consider throughout much of the summer is how to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn once it appears “dead” is not a wise move. Rather, it is important to actually fertilize your lawn prior to the arrival of summer’s scorching heat. If you try to do so afterwards, you may actually do more harm to your yard than good. Fertilizer can help rid of pesky insects that feed on the grass and cause it to die – thus, ensuring that your yard remains in pristine condition all summer long.

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