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How to Prevent Lawn Care Equipment Theft

Fresh spring weather has come and gone, leaving in its stead the beautiful summer sun. There can be no imagining summer fun without the happy smiles of kids playing on front lawns, and the laughter of teenagers lounging in backyard pools. However, along with those picturesque summer notions, comes the annoying reality of lawn care equipment theft. Yes, unfortunately, summer time also means theft prevention time. Fear not, these following prevention tips will, undoubtedly, lessen your equipment theft woes.

Insurance Coverage Goes a Long Way

Lawn care equipment coverage does indeed go a long way to security, and peace of mind. Do double check with insurance providers for current policy stipulations regarding lawn equipment. Yet, regardless, consider the advantage of engraving your lawn equipment, as marking expensive pieces with identifying numbers helps police locate equipment owners faster. Furthermore, additional identification tags, such as photos of lawn equipment, speeds up the identification process.

Lock Up That Expensive Equipment

The best way to prevent lawn equipment theft is to simply store everything. However, though it may seem obvious, remembering to actually lock up the storage area, is, needless to say, vital. As an added safety precaution, remove all equipment keys, and consider installing an alarm sensor where the equipment is kept. If, on the other hand, your lawn equipment must be kept outdoors, make sure to keep all access gates locked. For example, while providing commercial lawn care in Houston for a very large property, you may be away from a secured trailer for hours at a time. Having designated lock zones to some sort of steel or concrete anchor can help.

If You Can’t Lock It Up, Lock It Down

If storing your equipment isn’t possible, then theft prevention could be as simply as securing lawn equipment with a chain, or even looping it with a rope. Just make sure to secure it to a solid, fixed object, in order to prevent someone taking it. If you’re really worried about property loss, then the added measure of flood lighting, or security cameras, can make a huge difference.

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What to Expect from Your Lawn Mower Service

If you are thinking of hiring a company for lawn mower service in Houston, you might wonder what type of service you can expect. Though all companies will vary slightly in regards to what they offer to their customers, you can expect a few common things when you hire a lawn mower service. Here is some information about these companies:

Basic Services You Should Expect

There are a number of basic services that you should expect when hiring a lawn mowing company, including, of course, lawn mowing. Generally, these companies will mow the lawn once every one to two weeks, but depending on the weather conditions, this can change. In addition to mowing the lawn, these companies also offer basic services such as edging, weed eating, and then blowing the clippings off of all of the pavement. Many companies will blow the clippings back into the grass, as this gives the existing grass more nutrients, and it reduces the need for extra fertilizer. If the customer wants to bag the clippings, companies do this too, but there might be a charge.

Other Services Available

Most lawn care companies offer other services, too, though there will be an additional charge for these services. For instance, a company like this will often work on improving the look of their customer’s flower beds, they will mulch the landscaping, and even cut the shrubs. Most companies will also take requests from customers should they require other landscaping or grass cutting services. One such service would be to cut grass that is overgrown. This type of grass is very difficult to cut, so it takes different equipment and more time to get looking great.

These are just some of the services that you can expect from local lawn care services. Shop around so you can be sure that you are getting the services you need.

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