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Lawn Maintenance Must Haves

Whether you are a weekend yard work warrior or a lawn care novice, there are a few things to know about properly caring for your property. Lawn maintenance can be simple – if you have the tools needed to adequately cut, trim, rake, dig and make you yard look pristine. Here are five lawn care “must-haves” that everyone should either rent or look to buy for all future lawn care needs.


This is an important one! This rather large piece of equipment can help you tackle even the most overgrown, ragged, weeded areas of land imaginable – enabling you to cut with a level of precision like no other. Lawn mowers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; so finding one that suits your needs is critical. For smaller lawns, it may make sense to have a small push mower – either manual or self-propelled. These mowers are available in gas, electric or reel-propelled options. For larger lawns, riding tractors are available. These enable those who have a larger area of land to tackle, an efficient and convenient way of getting the job done right.

Weed Trimmer

These pieces of equipment go by a number of different names, including “string trimmers” and “weed-whackers”. Regardless of what you prefer to call it, these machines are great for those hard to reach places that a mower can’t accommodate. They operate with a nylon string that rotates at surprisingly fast speeds – allowing you to trim grass that grows around fences, patios, walls or in other tight spaces that fall outside a mower’s range with ease.


A rake is a great piece of equipment to have to clear areas of land. A rake is useful for gathering leaves, dead grass or anything else that needs to be cleared from the lawn. They are traditionally sold in wire, metal and plastic varieties and are an asset for systematic lawn care.


A wheelbarrow is a small cart that is handy for carrying small to medium sized loads across the yard. It is a great option for those who have just mowed and have left over grass that needs to be cleared from the area. It is helpful with gardening tasks, too, as it allows you to easily transport weeds and other debris back and forth in a simple and efficient manner.


A shovel is another lawn maintenance “must have”. Shovels are sold in a lot of different shapes and sizes and are great for digging holes of all depths, depending on your needs. They are typically made from metal – which gives them unwavering strength and durability that is able to withstand the test of time. A shovel is a great tool to use and store in your shed or garage.

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