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Landscape Design for Office Buildings and Commercial Properties

landscape design for office building ideas
When your property generates revenue for your business, you need every dollar you spend on it to count. Investments in the outdoor space tend to have positive results — landscaping commercial buildings been proven to¬†attract customers and desirable tenants. Proximity to trees, shrubs and flowers also increases employee satisfaction — a factor related to productivity — and raises property values.


Landscape design for office buildings and commercial properties doesn’t have to be elaborate to be effective, but following a few guidelines helps ensure that your commercial landscaping in Houston yields benefits for your business.

Curb Appeal and Aestheticism

Most landscape designers will tell you that, just as it is for residential sites, curb appeal should be top of your list of landscaping ideas for your office building or commercial property.

The impression people have of your business starts to form at first sight. When customers, vendors or potential employees like what they see, they tend to want to investigate and bring more goodwill to their business interactions.

Focus your attention on the most prominent areas, such as where people approach the property — usually the street and parking lot entrances. Reduce visual clutter near entrances — unnecessary or awkwardly placed signage, for example — and screen undesirable views. You might need waste containers, but they don’t have to draw the eye immediately.

Choose elements and materials for hard and soft landscaping that complement the architecture of the building, such as repeating a color from the facade in site furniture or annual plants.


Plan the path to the entrance first and then add interest along the way. Make it easy for people to see the entrance with landscape design techniques, such as framing the doors with specimen trees or colorful plant containers that catch the eye.

Accessibility is also a key part of landscape design for commercial buildings. The walkway should be wide enough for wheelchairs and people using walkers to ease the journey. A ramp might be necessary when the entrance is higher than the walkway.

Add trees and planted beds along the path for shade and visual appeal, helping visitors connect your business with positive feelings.

Landscape Amenities

office building landscaping ideas
Going that extra mile to provide outdoor amenity space can impact on tenant retention for rental units, often tipping the difference in a competitive environment.

When you’re landscaping for commercial buildings that accommodate tenants or staff,¬†consider where they might want¬†to spend some time outdoors. Plant a shade tree and add seating or a picnic table to create an inviting space to spend time outdoors.

You can take your landscaping ideas for commercial buildings to another level with outdoor spaces configured to accommodate business meetings and brainstorming sessions.


Keep safety in mind in both the landscape design and maintenance of the commercial property, for physical ease and for a secure environment. Maintain clear sightlines and minimize interaction between people on foot and in vehicles.

Lighting can help prevent accidents and adds to the customer’s sense of safety, but take care that lighting is effective, energy-efficient, and suited for the purpose.


High quality maintenance¬†is critical to keep landscaping of commercial properties sustainable and effective. Little things matter — cleanliness, lack of clutter, and weed-free beds all have a positive impact on the customer’s impression of the business.

You can minimize maintenance by choosing plants that are appropriate for your region — hardy plants require less attention and are often drought-resistant. Boost the appearance of the property with seasonal displays of annuals in containers and beds.

Don’t let trees and shrubs get¬†unwieldy and overgrown, especially along major paths — they will obstruct sightlines and create hazards.

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