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Homeowner Etiquette For Cutting Grass

Cutting grass is one of the most onerous tasks associated with homeownership. While there are many who enjoy the experience, many more would prefer to simply hire a service and be done with it. This is an excellent option for many reasons, including the fact that it will save you time while making your lawn look great. With respect to cutting grass, there are a few things that you as a homeowner can do to make the process go as smoothly and easily as possible for the company you hire to do the job.

Remove Animal Droppings

Before you have the service come to your home or place of business to cut the grass, be sure to remove any animal droppings that there may be scattered throughout the area. This is an especially true point if you happen to have a dog and a fenced in yard. Cutting grass is a task that shouldn’t ever involve stepping in animal waste.

Search For Toys

Another thing to scour your yard for before the arrival of the lawn maintenance service is toys. Children are notorious for leaving their toys in blades of grass, either to hide them or out of mere forgetfulness. The last thing someone who is cutting grass wants to hear is the sound of a toy stuck in the blades of the mower. This also saves parents the added stress of having a child’s favorite toy ruined. Even if you don’t have kids yourself, check your lawn quickly for any lost Frisbees or balls that may have found their way over your fence and into your yard.

Remove Lawn Furniture

Don’t make the lawn cutting service come in and move furniture around just to do their jobs. A wonderful show of courtesy would be to remove any lawn furniture and place it on the deck or driveway for their arrival. This ensures that the job goes quickly, smoothly, and removes any risk of damage to your furniture.

Ask About Maintenance

Ask your lawn cutting service about what you can do in between cutting grass to ensure your lawn looks healthy longer. One great question is to ask about how often the lawn needs to be watered, and if there are any special fertilizers that are required. You can also ask about pesticides that you may use in your garden to be sure they won’t interfere with the lifespan of your grass.

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