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Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawn Care Professional

Year after year, you stress yourself out about taking care of your lawn. Instead of wearing yourself thin this year with frustration and angst, you have decided to leave this year’s lawn care customs to the professionals. As you begin to search around for prospective lawn mower services, you notice that there are – quite literally – hundreds of companies within your area. How do you determine which one is best for your lawn care needs? When browsing, selecting and hiring a lawn care professional, it is important to ask the following five questions for the best results.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

When it comes to full service landscaping and lawn care, finding a professional that is fully licensed is critical. While licensing is really only important when it comes to professional fertilizer application, it is still important to find out whether or not a company is insured. Never do you want to work with a company that is not insured – especially on a regular basis. If something were to happen while on the job, at least you have peace of mind knowing that they are insured and will be cared for accordingly.

How Long Have You Been in the Business?

As you consider prospective lawn mower services, it is important to ask this question. Finding out how long a particular lawn mower service has been in business will provide you valuable insight as to their work ethic, experience, level of expertise and dedication to providing high quality care and customer service.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

While this may seem like a silly question to ask, professional lawn care services will utilize professional grade equipment – equipment that is specifically designed for landscaping use. It is important to ask what kind of equipment they plan on using. If it is anything less than professional grade, it may be a sign that they are not as reputable as you think.

What is Your Service Schedule?

If you are looking for someone to come and mow your lawn on a weekly basis, it is important to find a lawn mower service that can accommodate this need. Some lawn mower services juggle hundreds of clients in a rather large geographic area. While this certainly attests to their skill sets, it may not be the best in regards to trying to schedule routine maintenance with them. Finding out what kind of schedule a lawn mower service can accommodate is key.

How Much do You Charge?

How much to hire a landscaper you ask? Lastly, it is important to assess costs. Call around and get some estimates to determine which lawn service company best caters to your financial needs. While taking care of your lawn is certainly important, so is working within your budget.

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