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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Propelled Mowers

Let’s face it – we all have either a love or hate relationship with yard work. Some of us dread the very thought of having to go outside and rake leaves or cut the grass, while others find enjoyment in the process and appreciate the final result. Regardless of where you stand in this debate, chances are the yard work still needs to be taken care of. If you elect to do it yourself, versus hiring a lawn maintenance service, purchasing a self-propelled mower can do you and your lawn wonders. Prior to purchasing this type of mower, however, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.


Self-propelled lawn mowers operate off the motor itself. The motor is what gives the mower that forward momentum, without having to be physically pushed. These mowers come in all different shapes and sizes – and offer a number of different speeds, cruise control and front-wheel or rear-wheel drive options. One advantage to purchasing this type of mower is that it has a number of safety features. Most self-propelled models offer a blade override feature. This feature allows your motor to keep running, but stops the blade when you signal it to do so. This is great for when you need to clear the area, pickup sticks or empty the mower bag – making the process easier, safer and much more efficient.

Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, gas mowers are not the greatest option for those looking for an environmentally friendly machine. While there are certainly models on the market that help to reduce emissions, they can be costly and somewhat hard to find. Reel-motor manual mowers – which are growing in popularity – are a much better option for those looking for environmental sustainability. If you are not a fan of an old-fashioned manual mower, electric motor mowers tend to be another feasible option for those looking to cut down on their environmental impact.


Gas mowers are a bit more difficult to maintain, as well, compared to their industry counterparts. They do require regular maintenance, as do many other options, but can be more costly to repair. They also need regular cleaning to ensure that the blades are clear and that the motor is in tip-top shape. Finding a reliable mechanic to fix a broken or failing mower can be difficult, too.


Although self-propelled gas mowers can be a bit more time consuming and costly to fix, they are a great option for those looking for convenience. Mowing your lawn can be tough – especially if you have a relatively large parcel of land, or a heavily weeded, overgrown area. Self-propelled mowers offer a level of convenience that their counterparts don’t – helping to take a lot of the stress associated with manual push mowers out of the equation. Since you don’t have to push them, there is no struggle or strain. They are an efficient option for those looking to make their lives – and their yard work – a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

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