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Fall Lawn Care In Houston, TX

WOW, it is raining, this has been the first day in I do not know how long when I have just relaxed all day and listened to the gentle sound of falling rain. It has been a tough year to grow a healthy lawn. A log hard drought that has finally broke with a full days rain have caused poor grass growth and death from disease. But there’s hope for a better lawn in 2012 if you start working on it now.

If you only fertilize your lawn once a year, this is the time to do it. Using holidays to remember when to fertilize your lawn. “If you fertilize once a year, do it around Labor Day; twice a year, Labor Day and Mother’s Day; three times a year, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, and Halloween.” Core aerating, dethatching and power raking are useful lawn care activities. These things help reduce soil compaction and thatch, improve surface drainage, and improve conditions prior to overseeding. It’s best to do this when the grass is actively growing, and that’s usually in spring or early to mid-fall. “The key is to do it early enough in the fall for turf recovery to take place before the onset of cold weather.

Postemergence broadleaf weed control is suited to fall too. These weeds are preparing to go into dormancy for the winter. There’s a lot of movement of materials within the plant, and that’s when herbicides work best to kill the entire plant. When using any lawn or garden chemical, be sure to read, understand, and follow all label instructions for the safest, most effective application of herbicides.”

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