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Houston lawn tips for growing grass in shade

Growing grass in shade can be difficult as the shade effects on the growth of grass. For grass to survive, it requires sufficient light, air, water and nutrients. A deficit of even one of these needs can lead to the eventual death of some southern grasses.

Insufficient light because of the shade can lead to thin and weak lawns. Houston lawn care states that turfs require about 3-4 hours of sunlight everyday. While there may be air in the shade regions, too many trees in the lawn can lead to insufficient air circulation. This in turn leads to dampness, disease and fungus activity in the lawns.

The shade also works as an umbrella, and reduces the amount of water southern grass receives. Consequently, the soil does not receive sufficient moisture or nutrients that the rain will otherwise provide them.

All this can however be prevented while growing grass in the shade with the help of these lawn maintenance tips:

Sometimes, you may not need the trees that cause the shade. There is no point in keeping too many trees that serve no other purpose than providing shade. So Houston lawn care suggest cutting a few trees to help with growing grass in shade. If you want some trees to provide shade, you can thin the tree by removing some of its inner branches. Another alternative is to raise the canopy by removing the tree’s lower branches.

Adding some topsoil also helps with growing grass in the shade. Surface tree roots deprive the grass of soil and nutrients required for the healthy growth of grass.  This can be resolved by adding some topsoil to the turf. Once you have cut and trimmed the trees and added topsoil, Houston lawn care suggests loosening the soil and reseeding the lawn. Some types of grass in Houston grow better than others. While Saint Augustine grass is a great choice, it is better to avoid annual varieties.

After seeding, Houston lawn care emphasizes on daily watering for at least a month to keep the soil moist. Once good turf starts growing, a weekly watering of the lawn will be sufficient to have a beautiful lawn even in the shades.

Houston lawn care service We Only Cut Grass is a personable and dependable provider of mowing, edging, line trim, and blowing of paved areas.  Whether a small patio home or a large estate requires lawn mowing, We Only Cut Grass is equipped to provide all lawn care in Houston.

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